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Plumber Full

Тема в разделе "Логические игры, головоломки", создана пользователем MobileHELP, 29 мар 2016.

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    Plumber Full
    версия: 2.7.1
    Жанр: Головоломка

    Последнее обновление игры в шапке: 14.03.2016

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    Краткое описание:
    Попробуйте собрать три звезды, играя за веселого водопроводчика.

    Plumber: Get Me Home FULL is an awesome connect the pipeline plumber game for smartphones and tablets. In Plumber: Plumber FULL has no advertisements and 100 free coins. It is a 50% DISCOUNT!
    Get Me Home FULL you have to connect all the pipes. Can you link the pipes in this Plumber game so that the water can flow through and allow the fish to swim home? Rotate the tiles with the pieces of the pipeline in the grid. Connect the pipes so that the water doesn’t overflow! Make sure the level doesn’t get flooded! You start at the red faucet, and the water has to reach the red-and-white checkered pipe to clear each level.

    At the bottom of the screen you can view your power-ups. Use them to connect the pipeline before your time runs out! Try to collect the three stars by playing the fun Plumber levels as skilfully as possible. Use the Wheel of Fortune bonus game to score extra powerups!

    This cool Plumber game includes many different levels divided across various Plumber pipeline worlds. Follow the pipeline to get to the next level! Can you fix the plumbing and solve each level on time?

    With Plumber: Get Me Home you can also connect with your friends on Facebook. Invite them to play fun challenges together, or ask for their help when you come up against a particularly tough level.

    Enjoy the many awesome pipeline connect levels in Plumber: Get Me Home, our newest and best plumber game, and help the fish swim home!

    Plumber: Get Me Home FULL version features:
    ★ Connect the pipeline game type
    ★ Beautifully animated, colourful graphics
    ★ Intuitive gameplay: the game is easy to learn
    ★ Lots of challenging pipeline levels
    ★ Difficulty of levels increases gradually
    ★ Fun sound effects and great music
    ★ The best Plumber pipeline connect game online!
    ★ No ads
    ★ 100 FREE coins

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    Русский интерфейс: Нет
    Системные требования: Android 2.2+

    Скачать: версия: 2.7.1
    Прикрепленный файлPlumber Full v2.7.1.apk ( 21,63 МБ )
    Прикрепленный файлPlumber Full v2.7.1 [Mod Coins].apk ( 22,2 МБ )

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