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Тема в разделе "Мультимедиа", создана пользователем MobileHELP, 29 мар 2016.

  1. MobileHELP

    MobileHELP HELP ME! If you can ;) Команда форума

    версия: 7.0.4

    Последнее обновление программы в шапке: 07.03.2016

    Прикрепленное изображение
    Дополнительные скриншоты
    Прикрепленное изображение
    Прикрепленное изображение
    Прикрепленное изображение

    Краткое описание:
    Управление просмотрами и перепросмотрами сериалов.
    This fork of DroidSeries adds quite a bunch of features, among which an improved design, a menu overflow button, quick search, separate archive list, swiping gestures, more show information, backup/restore, double episode entries clean-up, faster updating, cover and fan art view, a modern launcher icon and it speeds up responsiveness significantly by (more) efficient SQL queries and some threading. DroidShows only needs an internet connection when updating the show info or watching full-size posters. DroidShows can now be found in the F-Droid Repository.

    Требуется Android: 2.3 и выше
    Русский интерфейс: Да
    Разработчик: ltGuillaume
    Домашняя страница: http://ltguillaume.github.io/DroidShows/
    Исходный код: https://github.com/ltGuillaume/DroidShows
    6.7 Добавили опцию вклоткл полностью просмотренных сериалов
    6.6: Search Wikipedia for show details (app or mobile webpage); Automatically scroll to current season / first unwatched episode; [Silent Update] Removed possible delay between swipe gesture and Vibrator response.
    6.5: Remove out-of-place fastScrollTrackDrawable; No more Iterator used via for(.. : ..) in AsyncTask, now using counter (ConcurrentModificationException again); Fix to allow switching between current/archived shows after restoring backup & canceling update all; New screenshot.
    6.4: Added German and Russian translation (thx repetti); Removed iterator in AsyncTask, introduced in v6.1, delayed list sorting (can cause items to be added) until after cycling through shows for stats refresh in order to avoid (hopefully) ConcurrentModificationException.
    6.3: Fixed bug that prevented newly added shows from getting show stats for home screen; Cancel progress dialog when no connection to TheTVDb; Fixed bug for show not showing up when added directly after restoring a backup.
    6.2: Moved around some variables to make other activities independent of main activity; Workaround for Android bug so that returning to last opened activity works; Made clear that current shows are NOT updated when archived shows are listed and vice versa (strings changed).

    версия: 7.0.4 DroidShows (Пост iphone.ang #47724889)

    Сообщение отредактировал velikashkin - 07.03.2016, 10:16
    Причина редактирования: новая версия

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